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Compounding Pharmacies

Compounding pharmacies are available in many cities, both locally and across the nation. We will use compounding pharmacies for two main reasons. The most important is that we are able to prescribe the exact dose of medication your pet needs. This is handy for medications that are not available in your pet’s size or if your pet has issues with the currently available size. The other reason we use compounding pharmacies is to change the currently available formulation of a medication into one that is easier to give your pet. Depending on the medication, it can be made into capsules, chewables, liquids, or transdermal creams.

Below are the compounding pharmacies we use most frequently at the Cancer Center. If you have a different pharmacy you prefer to use, let us know and we can see if they are an option for your pet’s medications. Not all pharmacies are able to compound medications or compound them effectively. Even if they offer compounding services, some are not able to safely compound all medications we use for patients. All the pharmacies below will contact you prior to making your pet’s prescription to take payment and let you know when it will be ready.

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Medications are an integral part of medicine, helping to treat and manage diseases. Some medications only help alleviate the symptoms while others directly treat the disease. Whether these are medications that given here in the hospital or by you at home, it is important to understand their purpose, how they work, side effects to watch for, and any possible concerns that may arise while your pet is taking them.

The following section will contain some general information about medications, how to obtain refills of your medications, and some of the ways we use medications here at the Cancer Center. You may also like to keep any specific handouts you receive from us about medications in this section for easy reference. 

Information on Prescription Refills

Many of the medications we prescribe to your pet will be continued long term. With that in mind, it is important to get refills so you don’t run out. Below are our general guidelines for prescriptions and obtaining refills in a timely manner. While most of the medications sent home from our hospital are carried in house, some do need to be ordered and, occasionally, we run out of stock. The same is true for medications ordered from outside pharmacies. The guidelines below are merely the minimum we recommend. Medications can be ordered earlier as well. We also understand that sometimes life happens and you forget to get a refill ordered. Just let us know and we will do our best to get your prescription refilled as quickly as possible.

For refills of medications filled here at the Cancer Center:

  • Please give us at least a one business day notice.
  • We will call you when your prescription is ready or if there are any issues with filling it.
  • Prescription pick-up is available during business hours.
    • There maybe a short wait for prescriptions picked up between 1:00-2:30 pm and after 4 pm depending on the number of appointments being seen at the time.
    • Medications can also be mailed to you via Fed-Ex at the cost of shipping.
  • For paper prescriptions:
    • Please give us three business days’ notice.
    • Only your doctor may authorize these and they may not be available on the day you call.
    • We will call you once your paper prescription is ready for pick-up.

For refills of medications sent to another veterinary hospital for filling:

  • Please give us at least three business days’ notice.
  • We will call you when your prescription is sent or if there are any issues with filling it.
  • Once your refill is sent, please contact your vet to see when it will be ready.

For refills ordered from a local pharmacy:

  • Please call your pharmacy at least three business days before you need a refill of a prescription.
  • If there are questions about your prescription or the pharmacy needs additional refills added, they will contact us directly.
  • We are happy to move your prescription to another pharmacy if needed, just let us know.

For refills from a compounding or online pharmacy:

  • Please contact the pharmacy at least 1 week before you need a refill of a prescription, or longer if the medication needs to be mailed to you.
  • If there are questions about your prescription or the pharmacy needs additional refills added, they will contact us directly.
  • If you require a medication to be pickup from us first, then taken to a pharmacy for compounding, please allow an additional 2-3 business days.

Note: To ensure that there are no delays in getting your prescriptions filled, please do not email the doctor about your prescription refill requests. Please call the hospital directly. Thanks!